UHN eNotes


For the past 10 years, UHN has been working to improve communication between the hospital and community physicians when patients were discharged. Over the years, what began as a solution for this critical point of handover care has evolved into a broader solution for capturing data so that it can be reused clinically, enable clinical decision support and health system reporting.

Today, in addition to the electronic discharge summary, the hospital has more than 20 online synoptic surgical procedure notes being used for colonoscopy, gastroscopy, gastroenterology, plastics, urology, bronchoscopy and some general surgery procedures.

By providing clinicians with a common platform to document information for different procedures, the UHN team has seen a number of positive impacts. Not only have the synoptic reporting tools improved access to information and communication between care providers, but they have also provided a real-time learning tool for residents, discreet data elements for reporting and research initiatives and improved quality and timeliness of physician documentation for hospital reporting and chart completion.

Solution: eNotes
Developer: UHN