UHN Med Rec


When asked the secret of UHN’s web-based medication reconciliation tool, most team members would likely say one word: teamwork. Throughout the development of this in-house solution, the technical team worked very closely with a multi-disciplinary group of clinicians, including pharmacists, nurses and physicians to ensure they understood the challenges with implementing a new workflow practice.

UHN’s solution is a single web-based platform that is integrated with the electronic discharge summary. It is used to document the patient’s best possible medication history (BPMH) and reconcile medications at admission as well as discharge. It also allows users to generate e-prescriptions, medication letters, patient grids and medication wallet cards for patients.

Using this tool, the team at UHN has been able to increase admission reconciliation rates to more than 80 per cent across UHN’s three hospitals in 2008 – a rate that is maintained today with ongoing in-service refresher sessions with the inter-professional team.

Solution: Electronic Medication Information Transfer Tool (EMITT)
Developer: UHN