Vanessa B.

Lévis, QC – I started noticing how the health system was positively affected by technology about two years ago when my doctor filled out my prescription information on a tablet, printed it right away and had access to my file through that tablet. I thought it was genius. I also see my dad, who has blood pressure problems, using a machine directly connected to his computer, allowing him to regulate and check on his health at home. However, the one instance information technology has had the biggest impact on my life was when I got really sick in Costa Rica. Of course, calling the insurance company was required at first, but the doctor who took care of me over there managed to use email in order to stay in contact with the company, my home doctor and also myself after my return home. She sent us the detailed information about my condition and the treatment I received by email. You could say technology saved us all a lot of time and trouble, in addition to allowing me to get treated a whole lot faster. I was able to recover quickly and get the most out of my wonderful trip to Costa Rica.