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VistACan: e-Reports of Services

VistACan focuses on the integration of open source software for health care in British Columbia. The team’s e-Reports of Services solution provides a secure communication channel for reporting between a remote radiologist and the x-ray clinic.

To the VistACan team, innovation means being able to serve their patients and clients in new and improved ways. Their e-Reports of Services solution allow patients to have their radiology needs met in a timely fashion without unnecessary and expensive travel outside of their community.

An example of how the e-Reports of Services solution provides better patient care is when an injured visitor to their clinic was able to have x-rays taken on-site where the injury occurred. The images were read by the team’s radiologist in Vancouver, BC and within 24 hours, the individual was able to take home the results for continued care by their family physician.

Developer: VistACan