According to Team Leader Nick Ragaz, many clinicians who have never used online messaging to communicate with patients are concerned it will increase their workload. But many who have tried it are finding that the opposite is true: they say online messaging is often more efficient than phone calls or in-person appointments, and the level of demand is quite manageable. Some say it also makes their work more rewarding, because they know more about what’s going on with their patients and can provide more support to help patients comply with treatment plan between appointments.

The team has found that secure, online messaging that provides patients with information related to their health needs also has benefits for patients. In addition to saving them time by avoiding unnecessary appointments, they also feel more empowered to manage their own health care, as they have easier access to information and advice. In fact, online messaging has been found to have a positive impact on outcomes for patients with chronic diseases like diabetes.

Solution: Wellx
Developer: Healthcare Made Simple, Inc.