Wise Elephant Family Health Team


Dr. Sanjeev Goel and the team at Wise Elephant Family Health Team in Brampton, Ontario believe that everyone should have real-time access to their own health information, whenever and wherever they need it. That’s why their team had developed and offers patients a patient portal where they can access their personal health information. The portal is updated automatically using data directly from the patient’s electronic medical record, which means the information is always up-to-date and accurate without manual data entry.

With immediate access to information such as lab results, medication lists and upcoming preventative screenings, the portal helps patients ensure all their caregivers, whether family physicians, nurse practitioners, specialists or pharmacists, have the information they need to give that patient the best possible care. It also helps to empower patients to manage their own health, by giving them quick and easy access to their health information and other resources in a format that’s easy to understand.

Solution: miDash
Developer: Dancing Tiger Health