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William Osler Health System

Submission for Ipad™ ED Patient Satisfaction Surveying at William Osler Health System Over two years ago, William Osler Health System implemented a unique service excellence initiative called ED Patient Satisfaction Surveying utilizing Ipad™ technology and a Business Intelligence tool. By investing in this technology, Osler has been better able to meet the need of our Emergency patients.  In this initiative, a real-time survey tool was implemented to capture real time information about the patient’s experience in the ED. The survey is conducted at the end of the patient’s ED visit by someone who has specific training in customer service. The ED surveys are conducted between 7:30 am to 11:30 pm five to seven days per week at each hospital site. Each surveyor is armed with an I-Pad™ (wrapped in an Otter Box for infection control purposes) to allow for remote surveying of patients across the department. Results are available instantaneously and collated in a report located on our Business Intelligence portal. These results are easily accessed by the ED leadership team at any time. The results are then shared with the ED front-line staff, physicians and volunteers during a daily performance huddle which focuses on 4 measures, including ‘service excellence’. Understanding and measuring the experience of our patients helps to ensure we are meeting their needs. It also enables the organization to drive improvements resulting in patient satisfaction. The process is unique because:• Results are available instantaneously• Results are fed-back to the front-line staff through a  performance huddle• Real-time mitigation of complaints/concerns• Able to immediately measure a process change that has been put into effect and conduct quick PDSA cycle improvements• Able to immediately celebrate successes of a process change• Better ability to identify processes that need improving• The process itself is a way to increase patient satisfaction – asking questions about the service in real-time makes the patient feel that we really care• Survey questions can easily be changed, deleted or added based on a current change process being implemented Clients and/or families are put in the forefront with this process. Client and family needs are assessed and help drive improvement initiatives. For example, survey results showed that clients and families wanted better communication with respect to wait times. In direct response to this, several initiatives were put in place including an ED Navigational Video that plays throughout the day/night in the department and also specialized customer service training for ED staff. With the implementation of these initiatives, scores for the question ‘how well did the doctors/nurses explain things to you’ improved dramatically by about 25%. The survey has improved practice at Osler by:• Decreased ED complaint rate• Increased ED compliment rate• Improvement in communication strategies within the ED• Increase number of improvement initiatives related to service excellence• Improved turn-around time for ED survey results• Better response rate for ED survey• Improved results for ED survey questions related to ED quality and overall ED patient experience Osler is strongly committed to ensuring every patient experience is everything they hoped for – and more. We promise care that is consistently excellent, frequently innovative, and always compassionate. This unique use of technology