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Woodstock Rehabilitation Clinic: e-Reports of Services

The Woodstock Rehabilitation Clinic works with a broad spectrum of patients who have been injured playing sports or in the workplace, or suffering from a variety of medical conditions.

The team’s e-Reports of Services solution allows their patients to share why they are visiting their health care provider prior to their appointment by using an easy to use interface. This allows patients to communicate important information to their health care team and provides physiotherapists and other health care providers with the data needed before the appointment so they can focus on the human interaction and therapeutic aspects of the visit. After the visit, the physiotherapist can add a visit summary and send the entire report directly to the family physician.

The Woodstock Rehabilitation Clinic team believes innovation is creating something that targets where improvement is most needed. The team’s solution allows the team to improve how physiotherapists and family physicians communicate with each other and provides a quick, concise and consistent means of sharing relevant visit summaries.

Solution: InputHealth
Developer: InputHealth Systems Inc.