ImagineNation Lightbulb

Yaron D

Toronto, ON – Digital health has the ability to connect and communicate within an organization, between organizations and beyond.   on the ground e-Health projects are each a ‘tree’ within the digital health ‘ecosystem’.  e-health standards and architecture provide a jurisdictional ecosystem view that make it possible to better plan and implement at a local level.    Professionally, i have benefited from public investment in digital health because i have been able to learn about the ecosystem and apply it to individual projects.  i am able to take the knowledge i have gained from architecture blueprints and standards and apply these to the decisions made at an organizational level in terms of how to design the local architecture and interface engines.  For instance, decisions around whether to implement a portal or EMR that displays or consumes data from jurisdictional repositories are enriched by these reference artefacts.   i believe that the knowledge i have gained from these important investment areas has raised the value that my colleagues place on my input to projects.