The Healthy Behaviour Data Challenge: Exploring new data sources to monitor public health

May 16, 201716 May 2017

How can we enhance existing public health surveillance through the use and integration of data from non-traditional sources?

This is the question MaRS Discovery District, with support from the Public Health Agency of Canada and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research needs you to examine in the Healthy Behaviour Data Challenge.

The Healthy Behaviour Data Challenge is looking for innovators to propose and test creative new types of data and data sources that can be used to measure indicators of:

  • Physical activity (e.g., daily number of steps)
  • Sedentary behaviour (e.g., average number of hours per day spent sedentary)
  • Sleep (e.g., number of times awake per night)

The ImagineNation Challenge team was thrilled to see we helped spark innovation in other organizations to create a Challenge searching for high quality evidence by asking researchers, students, public and private sector organizations to submit ideas to their Challenge; similar to the past ImagineNation Data Impact Challenges. As we know from experience, great outcomes can turn up in unanticipated places. Read more about our experience “asking the audience” in this recent blog post.

The Healthy Behaviour Data Challenge has a total prize pool of $165,000 and is open now for submissions for Phase One, which are due on August 4, 2017. For more information, visit the Healthy Behaviour Data Challenge website.

Please note, Canada Health Infoway and ImagineNation Challenges are not affiliated with the Healthy Behaviour Data Challenge.